About this blog

When I started this blog, the only idea I had was to create a treasure trove of stories from all over the world. Today, on 12th Jan 2013, I’ve shared over 200 stories through wordpress. Not to mention, I thoroughly enjoy this.. But, my own perspective about “stories” have changed.

Stories are a medium. They communicate ideas in the most appealing way. They entertain and they even heal. Many of you who read this would know what I am talking about… At least once, a phrase, a paragraph, a story comes across which seems to open a door… before you were depressed, but after reading that, you are thrilled, enthused..focused 🙂

Stories communicate. They communicate feelings of love, of depression, they inspire and they calm you down… My work with this blog has been an enriching experience.. I came across several stories which share wisdom, a few of which were like diamonds that hide light within. I’ve shared many of them… I’ll continue sharing more 🙂

I hope it makes you as happy as it made me.

Love and Light


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6 comments on “About this blog

  1. i love the ” a cup of coffee” which before reading this i am planning to put up a coffee shop for the mass not only for those people who can afford expensive coffee. it gave me an idea of sharing a cup of coffee to everyone in need.

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