Dad will be Upset (Humor)

John was a young boy who used to work in the fields with his father. One day he accidentally upturned his wagon load of vegetables.

The man who lived nearby heard the noise and called out, “Hey John, just don’t worry about it, come on in for a cup of coffee. I will help you with the wagon later.”

John answered, “That’s really nice of you, Uncle, but I don’t think father would like it”

“Oh come on now I know your father won’t mind”, said the man.

“Well, all right then”, John finally agreed but added, “I am telling you father will not like it”

John had a great time at the man’s place; they also had their dinner together. John was very happy and said to the man, “I feel a lot better now. Thank you very much for a hearty dinner, but I am afraid father is going to be real upset”

The man said, “Don’t be stupid, why would your father be upset? Where is he, by the way?”

“Under the wagon”, said John.

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