How to Strip the Mind (Zen)

In a town ,a man opened a business and placed a big sign above the door: “Fresh fish for sale here “.

A first client presented himself and started laughing: – Fresh fish for sale here? Do you also sell fish that is off?

The shopkeeper found the comment relevant. He wiped the word “fresh” and the sign became: “Fish for sale here”.

An old lady passed in front of the shop.- Fish for sale here? Do you also sell fish somewhere else?

“Here” was then wiped. What remained was: “Fish for sale”.

A third customer arrived and exclaimed:- Fish for sale ? Is there another place where they give fish free of charge?

“For sale” disappeared immediately from the sign and it remained only one word:”Fish”.

Later on, an old man stopped and called out to the stall-holder:- “Fish?”. Everybody can see that you are selling fish. That’s the only thing you have on display.

The last word was removed from the sign.

Then a passer-by was amazed:- Why do you keep an empty sign?

And the sign was taken down.

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