Merry Christmas to all

I love my feeble voice to raise
In humble pray’r and ardent praise
Till my rapt soul attains that height
When all is glory and delight.

I love to read the book of Heav’n
Which Grace to fall’n man has giv’n;
Where evr’y page and evr’y line
Proclaims its origin divine.

I love that consecrated Fane
Where GOD has stamp’d his holy name
United with my brethren there
We hear the word and join in pray’r.

I love to join the pious few
And there the covenant renew,
Recount our joys, relate our grief
And jointly ask from GOD relief.

I love on Pity’s wing to fly
To sooth the deep expiring sigh,
To wipe the tear from wan distress
And light a smile on Sorrow’s face.

I love to view domestic bliss
Bound with the ligature of peace,
Where Parents – Children – All agree
To tune the lute of harmony.

I love the morning’s roseate ray,
I bless the glorious march of day,
And when the lulling ev’ning comes
I love the night amidst its glooms.

I love to anticipate the day
When the freed spirit wings its way
To the Jerusalem above
Where reigns ‘th eternal Source of Love

Author: Henry Livingston

christmas candle


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