Thank You (Inspirational)

Once upon a time, there was a doctor who won international acclaim for some medicines that he discovered. Everyone spoke about his intelligence, sincerity, and contribution to society.

In an interview, he was asked who the people behind his success were. He suddenly remembered a teacher from his primary school.

She had given him tremendous love and support at the time when he was going through a tough phase. His parents had just divorced and the teacher had made it her personal responsibility to give him an extra smile, a nudge, a pat, and a hug whenever he passed by.

Her love had carried him through and ensured that he became a class topper rather than a slacker. He went back to his school to thank his teacher but found that she had moved to another city.

Taking her recent address from the records, he wrote her a long letter thanking her for being there just when he needed her. He had tears in his eyes as he remembered her kind smile and warm eyes.

In just a few days, he heard back from his teacher. She wrote, “In the 50 years that I worked in that school as a primary teacher, you are the first student who has remembered me and thanked me. I am now 80 years old and very ill. Your single letter has made my entire lifetime’s efforts worth it. Thank you, for thanking me and making me realise that my life was worthwhile.”

The student clutched the letter to his heart and wept. Indeed, gratitude is a beautiful feeling, for the one who is feeling it and the one to whom the gratitude is felt. Let us say thank you more often, to more people.

source: Life Positive.

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