Knowing versus Being (Wisdom)

There was a great swordsman in Japan. One night when he came home, he saw a rat near his bed. The rat was looking at him ferociously!

The samurai tried to kill the rat with his sword. but somehow he missed. He hit many times, he broke his sword, but could not kill the rat. He became really afraid, “This rat seems to be very mysterious. This is no ordinary rat,” he thought.

He ran to his wife asking what to do. The wife said, “You are a fool! Have you ever heard of anybody killing a rat by a sword? You just take our cat inside.” The cat was brought inside. She was a highly trained, famous rat-catcher cat.

She tried, but the rat was really extraordinary. He jumped straight into her eyes! The cat had to run away. The warrior said, “This is too much!” Then the king’s cat was called. She was a master cat. She tried hard, used all her skills, but the rat was just too much.

Then the king’s cat suggested, ”You have tried famous cats. Why don’t you try an ordinary one?”

The warrior said, “But what can a plain, ordinary cat do?”

The king’s cat said, “You just try. I know this cat. She does not know a thing. She sleeps all day but she is very mysterious. She knows nothing about the art of rat catching, the technique, or the philosophy. She is a plain, ordinary cat, but rats are terribly afraid of her!”

The cat was brought, but the samurai was not very hopeful.

She came, and without any skill, caught the rat and brought it out. All the cats gathered together and asked her, “What is your art?” The cat blinked and replied, “What art? I am a cat and a cat is supposed to catch a rat.”

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