How many bangles? (Birbal stories-2)

King Akbar took pleasure in throwing unexpected questions at Birbal. One day Akbar asked Birbal, “Birbal, can you tell me how many bangles are on your wife’s hand?”  Birbal said, “No, Huzoor (My Lord), I cannot.” 

Akbar exclaimed: “Oh! You cannot? You see her hand every day. Yet you failed to notice how many bangles she wears! Hmm…”

Birbal replied, “Let’s go to the garden, Your Majesty. And I can show you why that is”.

And they both went to the garden. They climbed down a small staircase which led to the garden. After reaching Birbal asked “Huzoor, you use that staircase every day when you come to the garden for your stroll. Could you tell how many steps it has?”

Akbar smiled and changed the subject.

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